NISSIN PARTS is a supplier that can transform a parts-feeder into an automated assembly by integrating all applications of vibration parts-feeders.


NISSIN PARTS always takes customers' needs, ideas and external environmental conditions into prime considerations, and aspires to achieve the ultimate goal to design, in conformity with customers' external environment, equipment that can best match their needs.

[Practice of NISSIN PARTS]


    Our company appreciates the importance of parts on production, and thus  attaches          importance to the tooling and distinction of BOWL inside parts so as to achieve the         optimum combination.

   With all efforts, ship and deliver customers' parts so as to deliver them to engineering at the         best posture and conditions

   With the most suitable Drive Unit, types of controllers, or whether they are the products of         our company or of others, they can be selected.

   Anti-noise,anti-dust cover, and frames are all included in the design combination, which can         be to select by customers.

   Pay attention to the area and site (Japan, overseas) to make suitable parts-feeders.

[Manufacturing style] 


Based on site of use

1)In Japan venue... Automated Parts-Feeder


   Driven movement rate stop goal is set "zero" so various types of Opto-electronic         recognition camera system are used to make tooling. At the same time,automatic return        devices are used.

   The dimension of parts is getting smaller, and differences in shape are getting indistinct.         In addition, the quantity is small but the types are more diverse. The replacement of parts         is very frequent. There are adequate methods to respond to these conditions.

2)In China and Southeast Asia venue...durable Parts-Feeder

   The speed is given priority, and component equipment that matches speed is adopted.

   Anything that can affect the dimension accuracy of parts (dimension error, distortion,         burring) can be recognized, and tooling that is hard to make.

   Voltage is not stable, but use materials that can respond to it.

   Localized, use materials that can be easily purchased locally to meet the needs of        customers.

   In principle, it is set at 24-hour continuous driven operation.

3) U.S.and Europe venue… powerful Parts-Feeder

   Generally speaking, there are more large parts, so BOWLs are large.

   Because parts are used in packing and importance is placed on hygiene, the interior of        BOWL must be processed and polished.

   The use of Drive Unit emphasizes power and strength, so the operating speed of BOWL is         increased.

   There are fewer things to make tooling, so the making is simple.

   Because vibration is larger, extensive welding is needed.

[Location of manufacturing, when transfer is needed]

   In response to the coming of globalization era, no matter it is now or in the future, the production sites of equipment will move to suitable countries depending on its characteristics.

   Parts-Feeder is a machine that is very sensitive to change in power supply.

   Structurally speaking, the construction and strength of installation sites will greatly affect        Parts-Feeder.

   No matter where Parts-Feeder is installed, the use of frequency controller can maximize its        effect and limits of function.

   All the Parts-Feeder products of our company use frequency controller, which is        indispensable to vibration feeders.

[Important systems for interconnecting]

The aim of NISSIN Parts is to plan in advance for customers and manufacture parts-feeders that meet their use needs. The company can provide and ascertain a technology information network centered in Asia.

Overseas Websites

Nation Name of Company Web Address
Thailand F.T.T.(Thailand)


Malaysia Fedpac.Sdn
Germany RNA GMBH
U.S.A. VC(VibrsCraft)

Conditions of activities

Import & Export           Export products and parts to U.S.A., Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand,                                     Malaysia, Korea, and  China. Import products and parts from                                     Germany, U.S.A., and Taiwan.

Know-how Exchange          Practice and study in the United States, visits factories in Germany.                                            Customers and users inspect in the United States and Asian                                            countries.

Exhibitions           Participate in exhibits held in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, and                            Malaysia and visit. Visit exhibits held in Germany.

Overseas service

      Maintain the continuous operation of customer production sites, combine active and powerful marketing networks and rich experience to arrange and deliver spare parts to customers in a prompt manner.

     [For example, when PU coating wears out in other countries, causing the performance to deteriorate to a large extent, how to handle it?]

     In Japan and Taiwan, the materials and equipment that use PU coating are complete. So when the BOWL surface wears, it will take only less than three days to complete the procedure of film-covering new PU      coating. But how to handle the problem if it happens in countries that lack in PU materials? This must use the mesh leather belt on the conveyor belt. As to operation, it means that the mesh belt is used to cut and paste, and cover it on the BOWL surface and track. So it is easy to acquire materials and repair can be done in a very short period of time.

     Afterwards, our company will continue the sustainable growth and evolution, and will make our parts that are in use more sophisticated. Using the automatic, energy-saving equipment of our company to elevate customers’ production efficiency will trim the manpower requirement and decrease the cost.

     Use the above methods to provide after-selling services overseas, which will ensure that the products exported to other countries can get rapid and suitable after-selling services.


When there is a need, please apply to order takers.